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Our Philosophy

Chang Karate School is a traditional Tang Soo Do, Moo Duk Kwan Korean Marital Arts School with schools in Cinnaminson, NJ and in Warminster, PA. Grandmaster Tong In Chang is the instructor and owner of the Cinnaminson, NJ location.

The instructor and owner of the Warminster school is Grandmaster Tong Kuk Chang. Through Grandmaster Chang's class you will receive traditional martial arts physical training with emphasis on mental focus and respect for self and others. Respect, Honor, and Discipline are stressed in our traditional Martial Arts training.

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While many Karate centers come and go, Chang Karate School has been serving the community for years. Grandmaster Chang opened the Cinnaminson school in 1974 and Grandmaster Chang opened the Warminster school in 1980. Their dedication to the Martial arts is unparalleled.

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Life Body Mind

Grandmaster Chang


Very few students of Tang Soo Do ever actually have to use their physical defense skills because of the mental skills they have learned. Most attackers expect fear in their victims. If instead, they find a confident, mentally alert and physically relaxed manner, they will usually back off. If not, you will know how to use your physical defense skills to your best advantage.

Everyone can benefit from Chang Karate School's comprehensive self-defense program. Our non-contact cardiovascular workout strengthens, tones, and increases flexibility. Grandmaster Chang personally teaches all classes.

Discover Your Potential

Everyone has untapped potential. Chang Karate School Martial Arts training will allow you to discover your inner strength.

You will develop strength, balance, and physical endurance as you learn patience, responsibility, and humility. You or your child, through the mental discipline you acquire, will learn to control a bad temper, to be cooperative, and to develop lifelong habits leading to physical fitness and good health.

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Thought for the week (11)

"To overcome others' armies without fighting is the best of skills. Draw them in with the prospect of gain, take them by confusion. Use anger to throw them into disarray. Use humility to make them haughty. Cause division among them. So the important thing in a military operation is victory, not persistence."

— Sun Tsu, The Art of War